Who is BJ Pascual?

Who is BJ Pascual? 

“I think more than anything it’s just to inspire young people to make it in the industry. This is what I would have wanted to read when I was younger,” – Bj Pascual

Well if you do not know him, Bj Pascual is one of  Manila’s most in-demand photographers, behind the scenes shooting some of Manila’s biggest names.

After detours through shirt designing and styling, as well as some time spent in New York, he has since staked his claim on Manila’s burgeoning fashion industry, producing a staggering body of work that excites, sometimes disturbs, and often inspires.

At a young age his works has already reached the covers of some of the biggest magazine brands here in the Philippines and also abroad, creating thousands of followers on his various social media accounts. Which also makes him one of the fastest-rising professional photographers to work for fashion print in the Philippines.

Here are some of his works:


I dedicated this post to him because I really loved how he takes pictures of people or even landscapes. He really knows how to take control of the whole set and also his models. After all, he is not only good behind the camera, but also when the lens are already pointed at him.


He will serve as an inspiration for those aspiring photographers all around the Philippines.


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