Pinto Art Museum: An Exhilarating Art

My siblings and I decided to go to the Pinto Art Museum just less than 12 hours before we departed. It is found just outside the metro and it will take you about one and a half to two hours to go there from Quezon City. We arrived in Antipolo at around 11 am on a rainy Sunday morning. We chose to eat lunch there inside the museum itself since they provided a restaurant branches all over the museum.

Apparently, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

14483447_10204950831769873_1358945952_nI actually cannot recall the last time I have ever been to a museum, which just proves that I am not really the type of person who would go out of their way just to view, experience or feel art.

Being a performance artist myself, I still have trouble learning how to appreciate visual art but visiting this museum made me see the bigger picture.


14508707_10204950831409864_1332411456_nThis museum contains around 5++ different galleries and all of which has a different theme and message.Another unique point about this museum is that it is just not the typical museum wherein you are just confined in one building and different floors of art but you can actually appreciate the scenery inside the museum that is outside. It is a bit of a climb and a bit downhill for a few parts but when you arrive at the galleries, you will not feel exhaust instead, you will feel relieved. In addition, the environment around the museum makes it easier to be one with art and nature.

I cannot find the right words to explain how I felt while touring the galleries, however it was eye-opening. Through this spontaneous adventure, I learned the most difficult task a teenager who has a parochial mindset could ever learn, which is to open one’s eye to see the reality. To see what is meant for you to see, not only what you or society want to see.

All in all, even if the nature of the tour was more of a leisure form of trip, this trip was educational for me. People often say “to see is to believe” but for me “to understand is to believe.” You must be able to comprehend completely a certain aspect before you can truly say, you believe it.



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