On the Wings of Love: A Television Series Review

Antoinette Jadaone is a writer and film director from the Philippines who is known as the”Blockbuster Hugot Director of the Philippines.” She is the director and writer of the some of the 2014 hit movies That Thing Called Tadhana, The Breakup Playlist, English Only, Please and You’re My Boss. In addition to that, she also wrote and directed a television series called On the Wings of Love which sooner became a top hit television show last 2015.

“On the Wings of Love” is Philippine romantic comedy tv show directed by Antoinette Jadaone and Jojo Saguin starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

The story revolves around Leah (played by Nadine Lustre), an endearing young lady whose dream is to reach the United States to search for a better life for her and her family. Being a passionate and ambitious woman, an opportunity to get there finally knocks and without any second thought, she then embraces the opportunity as tight as she could. Hoping she could stay there for a long period of time, she suddenly encounters a serious problem; her tourist visa is about to expire and the only solution to solve her problem is to marry Clark (played by James Reid), a man who is derisive when it comes to life and love.

“‘Pag mahal ka, babalikan ka.”

The overall sentiment of the whole series seems to radiate around this line. The narrative tries to widen the knowledge of the audience about this line by depicting a bird placed inside a cage. It says that love knows when to keep someone within your grasp and when to set them free when they decide to leave your life. It reasons that if someone loves you the same way you love them, they will eventually come back, maybe not at the time you want, but at the right time you would surely serve both of your best.

The whole series is at the right place where it should be, and its characters are hitting the right tones, but it needs more episodes to glide through before we can say that it is perfectly on track to reaching the objective it intends to achieve.

It’s worth-noting, though, that this series is #JaDine’s first primetime television series attempt. Their love team is undoubtely a breakaway success, being able to invade box-office first, a feat even most of television’s biggest team-ups struggle to obtain.



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