All about a Youtube rising star – ROUSANNE BERNOS

Youtube rising star- ROUSANNE “AYN” BERNOS!

Rousanne Bernos, or commonly known as “Ayn”, is a quirky girl in her early 20’s who has a passion for creative writing, adventures and fashion.


Ayn is born and raised in the capital city of the 7,107  archipelago in southeast Asia. An SHSQC Alumni who studied in a prestigious university after high school, University of the Santo Tomas Manila, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language Studies, wherein she explored the wonderful beauty of language and linguistics. Today, she shares her love for language through writing blogs, making Youtube videos and writing poetry, which she features in her other Instagram account: withlovemaria.

Ayn strongly stands against colorism and advocates the beauty of the variety of colors for each race. She has experienced feeling insecure about her skin color because people would make fun of her for being “too dark”. She would like to bend the double standards of beauty and encourage people to stop romanticizing on the idea of the superiority of having fair skin thus the famous youtube username, Sunkissed Somewhere.

She recently started a youtube channel, namely Sunkissed Somewhere, a little nook on the internet which she can call her own, wherein, she shows her daily shenanigans, inspirations & occasional make up tutorials. she tells her life in technicolor, waves, prose, and style – all while getting kissed by the sun, letting her guard down, swimming against the current, and wandering the world. She enjoys exploring aesthetics, places and palates, and transforming them into stories of her own.

Netizens are amused with how bubbly & optimistic outlook in life. Ayn indirectly serves an inspiration to her viewers from all over the world with her enticing personality. She encourages everyone to be comfortable in their own skin and teaches them to “Stay KAHNFIDENT”.


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